Katahdin Lake


Katahdin Lake

Katahdin Lake is a spring and spring brook fed 717 acre lake located 4 miles east of Katahdin itself. The lake has a maximum depth of 28 feet and is 3 miles long and 1 1/2 miles wide. Fish found in the lake include the native square-tail trout (eastern brook trout).

There was once an AMC (Appalachian Mountain Club) camp located on the north shore. This camp was established in 1887 when most exploration of the Katahdin region was from the east. Two sporting camps were also established in the 1880's. The first was built by Lang and Jones and no longer exists.

The other camp was built by Madison Tracey and John Cushman on the south shore. This camp was rebuilt in 1930 by Oliver and Della Cobb. Clarence Hilyard and his wife purchased the camps in 1965 and ran them until 1970 when they were purchased by Embert and Josephine Stevens. Al and Sue Cooper took over in 1975 and ran the Katahdin Lake Wilderness Camps until 2003 when they sold them to Charles FitzGerald.

The Katahdin Lake Wilderness Camps website is back online as of January 2007.

Update:  I have a lot of stuff to add but for now I’ve added a blog (see link at the top).  The first entry has a few photos from the late 1800’s